FEI Analytical TEM

Philips CM300ST-FEG Transmission Electron Microscope 300 kV
GATAN Ultrascan1000 (2kx2k CCD camera)
GATAN Tridiem energy filter (2kx2k CCD camera)
Noran System Six EDX analyzer   Nanotrace detector

Main Characteristics:

  • Maximum – optimum - accelerating voltage, 300 kV
  • Point resolution (TEM), 0.2 nm @ 300 kV
  • Line resolution, 0.14 nm @ 300 kV
  • Spatial resolution EFTEM, down to approx.  nm range, and ~1 nm under favourable conditions
  • Highest sensitivity for the light elements
  • Spatial resolution EDX, down to approx. nm range
  • Applicable for elements above C in the Periodic System


  • General TEM imaging
  • TEM microprobe
  • Qualitative high-resolution lattice imaging
  • Electron diffraction
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX)
  • Energy Filtered TEM imaging (EFTEM)
  • Analytical double-tilt holder (± 30°)
  • Single-tilt holder

Specimen preparation:

Specimen preparation is an essential part of Transmission Electron Microscopy. Without a good specimen, no image. TEM specimens must be electron transparent and representative of the material one wants to study. In most cases it is desirable to have specimens which are uniformly thin, stable under the electron beam, conducting and nonmagnetic. There are many ways to prepare specimens for TEM. The chosen method will depend on both the type of material and the information one needs to obtain. Most important aspect to bear in mind is that the preparation technique must never affect what one observes or measures.

Specimens, such as (multi-layered-)thin-films-on-a-substrate,  can be prepared for cross-sectional  (XS) and/or planar viewing (PV). Depending on the complexity and properties of the system, preparation time varies normally from 8 – 24 hours per specimen. It involves several thinning steps. The following TEM specimen preparation facilities are used in MESA  Nanolab:

  • Cutting, grinding, polishing
  • Dimple grinding
  • Argon ion etching
  • Wedge (or TRIPOD) polishing
  • The technique of Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
  • Carbon/metal coating
  • Dispersing nano particles from the solution by a micro pipette on carbon coated copper grids

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