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Experimental vibration research

For modelling or to analyze the dynamic behaviour of a structure, it is important to measure the dynamic characteristics of the structure.
Experimental analysis is achieved by using a two or more channel Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system.
The characteristics of a structure can be determined by exciting the structure with a vibration exciter system and to measure the input force and response. The results are analyzed using advanced computational techniques of the structure, eigenfrequenties, damping and mode shapes.
The mode shape analysis (Modal Analysis) enables simulation of the structure’s response to user defined forces.
Consequently, theoretical physical-modifications can be made for improving the design of the structure.


Modaal Analyse, Modal Analysis, Structural Vibrations, Dynamic behavior

Measurements/ Setups:

To measure and to calculate the frequencies, damping and mode shapes of a structure. Setups are: Time domain, FFT spectrum, Auto-spectrum, Cross-spectrum, FRF functions, Coherence and Power spectra. In the Modal Analysis package it is possible to measure the Operation Deflection Shapes, and to calculate the Modal Model.


SigLab DSP:

Bandwidth: 2Hz-25kHz

95dB free dynamic range

Resolution with real time zoom 0.001Hz

Portable operation (12V battery)

Long Record Capture

Function Generator

Octave Analysis

System Identification

Programming SigLab (Matlab) software

ME’scope Modal Analysis

3D modeling specifications

Measurement specifications

Animation specifications

Modal Analysis specifications

MIMO, (FRS) specifications

Structural modifications specifications


-SigLab 4 channel DSP signal analyzer type 20-42. Upgrading to 16 channels possible. Software basic Matlab

-ME’ scope Modal Analysis software

-Different charge accelerometers from B&K

-Impacthamer B&K 8202 + Force transducer B&K 8200

-Exciters B&K 4810 and 4809 + Force transducer B&K 8203

-Conditioning Amplifier B&K NEXUS – 4x charge

-Amplifier B&K 2706

-Calibration exciter B&K 4293

Detailed overview


-Experimental Vibrations Research, B. Wolbert, 11/2007
-Successful teaching of Experimental Vibration Research, B. Wolbert, ICSV14, 2007


Horstring N.139-N.141

Research group:

Structural Dynamics & Acoustics (part of Applied Mechanics)


B. Wolbert

Set-up and Plot Siglab

Plot ME’ scope