The Biaxial tester loads a sheet metal specimen on arbitrary tension and/or simple shear deformation. With this equipment the hardening behavior of metal can be investigated under multiaxial loading conditions. The deformation is recorded with a camera and forces in the tension and shear direction are logged with LabVIEW, approximately 40 data points per second. Stress–strain curves are easily determined in the post processing. Strain rates up to 0.5 s-1 are possible. Besides, an algorithm is available to control the strain path real-time. The temperature and magnetic response can also be measured during a test.



Biaxial loading, Hardening behavior, Sheet material

Measurements / Setups:

Mechanical response of sheet material under tension and shear conditions


Maximum in tension: 25000N; Maximum force in shear: 15000 N

Maximum thickness of sheet: 3 mm


Camera, infrared sensor, magnetic sensor, force sensors


M. van Riel and A.H. van den Boogaard. Stress-strain responses for continuous orthogonal strain path changes with increasing sharpness., Scripta Materialia, Vol. 57, pag 381–384, 2007


Westhorst WH125

Research group:

Nonlinear Solid Mechanics


Herman van Corbach