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Internship and study abroad


Depending on your specialization you have the choice to incorporate an 201300059 internship (20EC) into your programme. In general this will result in a 3,5 month (maximum 4 months) full time internship project at a company. There is also an option to do your graduation at at a company, in that case the duration, rules and regulations of the Final Project apply. More information on how to go about finding and carrying out an internship can be found on the website of the EEMCS Internship Office and in our Internship presentation

Study Abroad

During the past few years the Business Information Technology programme and the University of Twente has established agreements for student exchange with several universities around the world. For more information on established agreements, please visit our Study Aborad website and/or contact Jitske Rijken, internationalization coordinator EWI.

The Business Information Technology programme has specific exchange agreements with the international universities below. If you want to go on an exchange with one of the universities below, you can write a proposal for a composed set of courses you want to take at during your stay at the University of your choice. Together with a letter of purpose the proposal has to be send to the exam committee for approval.

In case you want to replace an obligatory course of the BIT curriculum with a course you want to take abroad, you need to ask approval from the Examination Board as well.

For general information on studying abroad, please visit

Have a look at the website of our local ESN Twente website to read more about experiences of international students studying abroad.