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Final Project & Research Topics

Together Research Topics and Final project form the final stage of your Master's programme. During the assignment you will dive into a topic related to your specialization, carry out your own research project, write a thesis and present your findings. The assignment can be done in one of the research chairs of the Computer Science (EEMCS) or Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS) department or, following the requirements, at an external organization. The final project assignment is performed under supervision of two examiners, one from the BMS faculty and one from EEMCS. 

REsearch Topics

Before you start with the final project, you will have to carry out the so-called “research topics”. This component of 10 credits was introduced as a preparatory part to the final project to provide you with a solid base to start. Though the Research topics is judged independently, it has the purpose to support the activities of the final project. Research Topics typically entails an initial literature study and aims at the statement of a clear research or design question and planning for the Final Project. The report can include an extensive literature review into a topic, but part can also be spend on for example an experiment to test an initial approach or design. The specific contents and interpretation are up to you in discussion with your supervisor. After your Research Topics you should have an extensive overview of the research area in which you will start your final project and a clear idea of the direction in which you will take your final project (project proposal/plan).

Final project

The Final project is a 30 EC project that takes place in the second year of your Master's and rounds off the Master's programme. A final project must address topics in the area of your specialization. The final project must also have a scientific character. A final project normally concerns research, design (development) or a combination of both. Research in a final project has to be carried out according to a systematic approach and the results should be interpreted and verifiable. Design (development) has to be carried out according to systematic methods and techniques and should serve a scientific purpose. For example, prototypes that may be produced in a final project aim at either proving a method or some theory, but they should not be considered as the final goal of the project.

Requirements to start


The full registration for your graduation (Research Topics and Final project) takes place in Mobility Online. More information on Mobility Online in the manual and on the Educational Systems website

A more eleborate clarification can be found under Registration. And shortcuts to all log in links on the educational systems website. 


Once you found a topic/assignment and supervisor, you need to fill out the registration form in Mobility Online: