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Renovation of the Citadel building

The Citadel building will be renovated in the coming academic year. The first phase, the section where the LISA Servicedesk ICT is located, is due for completion in early 2022. Renovation work will then begin on the tower. Taking a phased approach ensures that the rooms in the tower can still be used during part of the renovation. This is essential given the shortage of available square metres on campus at present. The ‘Paviljoen’ building can also be used to accommodate some departments and/or services temporarily.

The Citadel will undergo a structural and technical upgrade, and the entrance will also be restyled. After the renovation, the building will house the Library, ICT Services and Archive (LISA) and the Centre for Educational Support’s CELT- and SA&L-team, while the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science and the Strategic Business Development department will also be given workspace at this location.

Beltman Architects have been entrusted with the design for the project. An impression of the building after renovation can be seen here. The main focus of the design is interior renovation. On the building’s exterior, however, permanent sun blinds will be installed to make the Citadel a more pleasant environment in which to work and study. Various sustainability elements will also be incorporated, such as LED lighting, and connections to the Koudecirkel cooling system and the district heating network.

Following the decision of the Executive Board, a tender for the construction team will be issued. The aim is for work to commence after the summer. Stef Migchelbrink of Campus & Facility Management will work with Marco Boevink to supervise the construction and facilitate dialogue with the building’s users.