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Available for all employees: Microsoft Copilot Use an GPT-4 AI with your employee account

Microsoft Copilot (former: Bing Chat Enterprise) is now available for employees at the University of Twente. On the Copilot website you can work with this GPT-4 powered chatbot now, using your UT-account. Microsoft Copilot is an alternative to ChatGPT, being built onto the same technology but with a different model on top of GPT-4. Copilot can access live data on the internet and generate images as well, you can read more about it here in some tips for educational use

Be aware: while Copilot is included within our license, it does not (yet) adhere to the privacy agreements in data processing for the University of Twente. You can read more about SURF’s involvement on this topic here. So you can freely experiment and get inspired from this technology in a closed-off environment with your UT-account, however it’s not allowed to use any confidential data like personal, research or student information in this. While Microsoft is branding Copilot using a ‘Protected’ banner and states that the model isn’t trained using your data, the data is being processed in global data centers outside the EU.

 Generated with Microsoft Copilot

(Image generated using Microsoft Copilot)