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New recommendations for UT to enhance AI implementation in education Preparing education for 2023-2024

On behalf of the working group AI in Education at UT, we want to provide you with an update on the use of AI at our university. This information is particularly relevant to our discussions on academic misconduct, technological advancements, and the assessment guide, as highlighted in our most recent newsletter. We understand that with a lot of messages on this subject, it would be helpful to have an overview. To address this, we have created a webpage that hosts all of our current releases and publications.

Our new document, which has been validated by the platform examination boards and S&P, offers recommendations for both teachers and students, aiming to assist you in preparing for the upcoming academic year. It provides guidelines and suggestions on promoting transparency and managing expectations. In collaboration with Npuls, we will release a comprehensive guide with additional tips after the start of the next academic year. This initiative is supported by the University of Twente and our working group.

While our group has primarily focused on immediate solutions, we are also investigating the long-term implications of AI. This includes considerations regarding the necessary (IT) infrastructure, detection software, and more. We encourage you to reflect on the impact of AI on your respective programs, such as AI Literacy, not only in terms of learning and teaching but also in relation to the broader professional field.

We are eager to hear about any inspiring examples you may have regarding the application of AI in education. Please feel free to share your experiences with us! You can get in touch with the chairs of the working group, Robin van Emmerloot and Kim Schildkamp, to discuss this topic further. Additionally, if you require assistance in implementing these guidelines, please reach out to your educational consultant or e-learning specialist.