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Martin Bosker

EduTalks #7: Student-driven or teacher-dependent? A podcast with Alieke van Dijk (BMS) on her research and work

Hey! Teacher! Leave them students alone (?)

“Self-regulated learning cannot be taught self-regulated.” A classic wisdom in education: but how do we prepare our students then for student-driven learning?

What’s the balance between student-driven and teacher-dependent learning? Alieke van Dijk, assistant professor at BMS, shares her findings from her research and her senior teaching qualification trajectory on this topic. You can now listen to the newest episode on SpotifyApple Podcasts or right here!

Alieke van Dijk is an assistant professor at the BMS Instructional Technology department, teaching in topics related to psychology in learning & instruction. She recently completed her SUTQ on the topic of student-driven learning and shares her findings on how we can help students to student-driven learning, while not taking away autonomy.

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