Blended Learning Market How will you enrich your education?

How can you enrich your education? And what does the UT offer to support you in developing blended learning? Come to the blended learning market and find out!

Together with some of the various supporting services in the UT you’re invited to visit the Blended Learning Market! We will host this event with educational consultants, e-learning specialists, video specialists, information managers and more from CES, LISA and the faculties themselves. The event takes place in the Ravelijn Atrium and is organised collaboratively with the BMS Teaching Academy.

Blended learning is all about the mix of your education; from regular in-class to remote learning, from on-campus to at-home. Designing this type of education entails a lot of different options, such as…  

  • Using video & podcasts in education
  • Upgrading your (interactive) Canvas course
  • Incorporating e-learning in your classes
  • Quizzing & voting tools
  • Peer feedback
  • Activating learning methods
  • Digital testing & assessment

…you’re welcome to walk by! 

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The blended learning market takes place after the blended learning masterclass. Want to take part in a masterclass with professional guidance in designing your blended learning education? Check out the CTD page here!