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UT Platform Examination Boards

The UT Platform Examination Boards was already initiated in 2012 by Arend Rensink, but after a somewhat hesitant start, it took real shape and gained strength since 2017. An important purpose of the Platform is the exchange of knowledge, experiences and tools between (the chairs of) all the EB's. For instance in a recent meeting the focus areas of annual reports have been discussed. For this purpose, various reports were compared with each other beforehand by the platform's coordinators. For suggestions a handout Annual Report (Dutch) was issued. During one of the other meetings, the importance of setting up an informative website about what the EB does, who is part of it and for what matters and how staff and students can contact the EB was discussed. A handout has been issued with points of attention for an EB site.  

Joint initiatives can also be developed. For example, a joint Rules of order for written tests was drawn up in 2018 to achieve greater uniformity in the regulations for the taking of tests. The platform can also be instrumental in issuing signals to the Executive Board or expressing needs that are shared by several EBs.   

The Platform coordinators are: Tanya Bondarouk (chair Examination board for Management Sciences, BMS) and Anton Stoorvogel (chair of the overarching association of examination boards of faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science). Supported by Margriet Lindemann (teammanager Timescheduling & Exam Office CES) and Helma Vlas (educational advisor CELT, coordinator Senior Examination Qualification trajectory). 
The Platform uses a Canvas site to exchange and archive information, like for the agenda and minutes of meetings.