Personal Details:
Name: I.A. Williams
Department: Water Engineering and Management
Room: W209
Phone: +31534892044
Position: PhD Candidate

Postal Address:
University of Twente
Dept. of Water Engineering & Management
Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Technology
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede, NL

Current Research

Project Title:
The effect of mega-nourishment projects on sand supply to dunes. 

Mega-nourishments represent a new approach in coastal management. These projects aim to provide coastal protection at decadal scales. Crucial to this is the development of the dune area. The growth of dunes requires the supply of sediment from the nourished beach by wind-driven processes. However, the controls on the longer-term sediment supply remain poorly constrained. This research project will examine spatial and temporal variations in wind-driven sediment supply across a mega-nourishment site and relate this to the longer-term morphological evolution of both the upper beach and dune areas.


2015 - present: PhD Candidate, University of Twente
2012-2014: MSc. Physical Geography, Utrecht University, NL (cum laude)
2008-2011: BSc. Geophysics, Imperial College London, UK


Peer-reviewed Journals:

Williams I.A., Fuhrman D.R. (2016). Numerical Simulation of tsunami-scale wave boundary layers. Coastal Engineering. 110, 17-31


Williams, I.A. (2014). Alongshore variability of swash on a low sloping barred beach. MSc Thesis, Utrecht University.