Lunchtalk by Anne Leskens

Title:Interactive modelling in the context of flood disasters”

Abstract for the presentation:

The presentation will consist of three components:

(1) A (brief) theoretical review about the theory of 'Sensemaking'. This theory can be used to understand how decision-makers interpret, label and categorize information and how they choose for actions in situations of (flood) disasters. (2) A demonstration of a flood simulation model that can be interactively used by decision-makers in flood disasters. This model, called 3Di, was developed by TU Delft, Deltares and Nelen&Schuurmans. (3) Your feedback on how you expect the Sensemaking process will change by using the 3Di-model. I hope to use your feedback for the design of an experiment in which I want to evaluate the effect of interactive modelling on the Sensemaking process.