Centre for Transport Studies (VVR)

Mission Statement Centre for Transport Studies

The mission statement for the CTS group is to perform

Research for connected and sustainable mobility

Main objective of the research at the CTS is to improve transport systems to become more sustainable by connected mobility. Examples are connecting travellers by latest technology in ICT, connecting stakeholders, connecting cars, or cars and roadside traffic management systems, connecting land use and transport and connecting transport modes. The focus lies on monitoring, analyses and optimization of transport networks and of individual travel and driver behavior. Individual behavior is monitored and altered using state of the art ICT technology. The approach that is taken is multi-disciplinary and multi-objective, justified by the multi-facetted nature that sustainability has.

All research at VVR-CTS within the University of Twente is part of the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT). On a national level it is part of the Dutch research school for Transport and Logistics, Trail. CTS hosts the knowledge centre AIDA (Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance) which was established in 2003 by TNO and the University of Twente. CTS is further member of the SRO Industrial Engineering.