Ir. E.A. Bramer

Ir. Eddy Bramer is a assistant professor in Energy Technology at the Thermal Engineering Group. His expertise is conversion of biomass, fossil fuels and (agricultural) waste to useful products like fuels, heat and power. The main processes studied are; pyrolysis of biomass in cyclonic devices and combustion and gasification.

Ir. E.A. Bramer

University of Twente

P.O.Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands

Horst Building Room N234

Phone: +31.534892597

Mobile: +31 (0)647674718

Fax: +31.534893663



▪ Energy from Biomass

▪ Project C: Thermodynamics & Chain management

▪ Thermal engineering-Capita Selecta

Recent research activities are:

Development of a new reactor for flash-pyrolysis: The PyRos Reactor (Poster Bioten.pdf)

Catalytic pyrolysis for the production of a green feed for refineries

High quality liquid fuel production by catalytic flash pyrolysis technology

Co-firing of torrefied biomass in coal fired power plants

Reversed waste combustion – a new combustion concept

Feedstock engineering, Torrefaction pelletisation of biomass

Hydrogen production by gasification of wet biomass in supercritical water


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E.A. Bramer, G. Brem

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(PyRos Bioten 11-01-2011 final.pdf)

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