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Advanced Materials for Energy Applications and Thermal Management

Our research goals focus on:

 (i) fabrication of advanced materials to enhance energy conversion efficiency in solid-state devices;

(ii) developing novel thermal devices at the micro- and nano-scale for thermal management applications;

(iii) developing better metrology techniques for accurate and high spatial resolution characterization of thermal and thermoelectric properties of materials and interfaces;

(iv) integrating these materials into systems that generate residual heat to harvest or reuse that energy.

Our work includes nano- and micro-fabrication, characterization and multiscale simulations. On-campus collaborations include Material Science, Physics, Chemical, Mechanical, Fluid and Thermal Engineering.


  • 3S-ERA: Solid-State Semiconductors for Energy Recovery in Aircraft

    Energy harvesting devices at minimum weight can significantly reduce fuel and CO2 emissions in many applications, like transport or industrial processes, contributing to the development of a more resilient and sustainable world. Thermoelectric materials, i.e. semiconductors that are able to convert heat into electricity, can contribute as a renewable solution to this goal. 3S-ERA will develop a technology that will enable the aeronautical application of thermoelectric materials to convert thermal energy into electrical energy, establishing the foundations to export this technology to other sectors.

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  • Thermal Conduits for Energy Conversion and Management in Batteries.

    In the ENERGIES project, we will develop high thermally conducting fibers as thermal conduits for the temperature control of Li-ion batteries. To facilitate isothermal battery operation, fibers will be employed to efficiently transport the heat in- and out- of the batteries.

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dr. M. Muñoz Rojo (Miguel)
Guest Associate Professor

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Guido Giammaria