Groen Gas

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Groen Gas


Groen Gas


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HoSt, Saxion, Münster University of Applied Sciences (DE)  

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The objective of the research was to develop a novel digestion installation for biogas production. The biogas yield depends substantially on the substrates composition, sludge loading rate and control over the organic matter break down. A good mixing between substrates (wet manure, organic material, biogas bubbles, solids and bacteria) must be achieved to increase the speed and level of biomass conversion process. This was investigated by application of the CFD numerical tools (Ansys-Fluent). The numerical study were focused on the sludge mixing process taking into account various operating conditions, different digester geometrical configurations, number and rotational speed of impellers. Optimized mixing performance and maximized biogas production were desired. The CFD computations were validated with literature data.

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