Demonstration of PyRos technology

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Demonstration of PyRos technology









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Biomass contains carbon and hydrogen is thus the most important sustainable energy source for the production of liquid hydrocarbons. Flash pyrolysis provides the opportunity to convert biomass (e.g. woody or agriculture residues) in a few seconds into a liquid product. However, this pyrolysis product has a limited number of applications because of some problematic properties like corrosivity, high viscosity, instability and low energy density. Recently, research at the UT has shown that the application of catalysts in the pyrolysis process itself can significantly improve the properties of the oil product. Via a deoxygenation process the heating value can be increased to higher values such as 34 MJ/kg. The challenge of this DEMONSTRATOR-project to test this catalytic pyrolysis process in a pilot-plant with the so called PyRos technology a cyclone reactor with integrated separator for fines). 

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