Radial Multi-Zone Dryer

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Radial Multi-Zone Dryer








ISPT, FrieslandCampina, ECN, Universite Catholique De Louvain (BE)

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The Radial Multi-zone Dryer (RMZD) is a new type of spray dryer which combines low Capex, low Opex, premium product properties and low specific energy consumption. The RMZD is an intensified spray drying technology which combines a very short residence time in a central zone with high-temperature injection with rapid transfer to a peripheral zone with mild-temperature injection. This trajectory yields better product properties than powder produced in conventional spray dryers. Furthermore, high temperature drying improves energy efficiency, thus reducing the specific energy consumption of drying and so the carbon footprint of dried (dairy and other) products. Improved product properties relates to e.g. nutritional value (mild processing) as well as to functionality (e.g. solubility) of the product. Due to intensified drying, the size, viz. footprint, of the dryer will be smaller than of conventional spray dryers, thus reducing investments in equipment, building and operation. In addition, centrifugal forces in the dryer efficiently separate powder particles from the drying air, meaning integration of particles separation in the dryer chamber and so further reduced investments in equipment to separate particles from the drying air downstream of the dryer.

involved in the project

Dr. A.K. Pozarlik

Prof. G. Brem

U. Jamil Ur Rahman