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Integrated Renewable Energy Systems for Hydrogen Production in Congested Transmission Grids

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Integrated renewable energy systems for hydrogen production in congested transmission grids






ROGER Renewable Energy

project description

Determining a sustainable hydrogen production technology integrated with wind and solar energy is critical to the growing interest in green hydrogen. Factors such as comprehensive analyses on the technical and economic variabilities, the impact of carbon pricing, optimum plant size, CO2 avoidance, logistics and storage are crucial to understanding the technical and economic sustainability of the potential green hydrogen technologies. Therefore, a comprehensive comparative technical and economic analysis of hydrogen production through different pathways is needed. Because of the integration of multiple energy sources and energy components, it is quite complex to match the energy systems with one another. Hence, optimal planning of integration of energy systems is essential to reduce the installation cost. This requirement can be met out by developing a combination of data-driven and digital twin dynamic models for analyzing the integrated energy systems for hydrogen and fuel production while preventing grid congestion. All aspects related to the dynamic behavior and optimization for the full emerging technologies and various form of energy flow scenarios will be considered in the model based on the available concepts that are designed in the integrated energy systems.


Principal investigator

dr. S. Hajimolana (Yashar)
Assistant Professor

involved in the project 

dr. A.K. Singh (Abhishek)
Assistant Professor
dr.ir. A.K. Pozarlik (Artur)
Associate Professor / Programme Director EngD Energy & Process Technology
L.A. Jeronimo Oliveira MEng (Lauro)
Engineering Doctorate