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BOOSTing cross-border hydrogen in industry, research and education









FH Muenster, Saxion, Powerspex, HyGear, Pondera, and BEN-Tec.

Associate partners

NWBA, ZBT, roc van Twente, H2 Hub Twente, oost nl, Enapter, D.C, and HORIZON Invest in Flevoland

project description

The successful transformation to a sustainable energy supply requires the use of green hydrogen. In addition to importing the gas, however, large production capacities must also be built up nationally. To make the integration of electrolysers for the production of the versatile energy carrier hydrogen more efficient, an innovative software-based toolbox for electrolysers is being developed as part of the project. This enables companies along the green hydrogen production chain to digitally analyse, evaluate and optimise use cases in advance of real implementation. This toolbox is freely configurable so that components can be easily exchanged or adapted to simulate and compare different situations, plant designs or electrolysis processes (AEL, PEM, AEM).

Our role is leading the activities for developing a dynamic model for green hydrogen production plants. This involves integrating subsystems and balance of plant components, particularly focusing on the utilization of low-temperature electrolyzer technologies. Through detailed modeling, we will investigate the dynamic operation of these systems, ensuring seamless transitions between different operational states. Additionally, we will conduct parametric analyses at multiple levels, including the stack, sub-system, and system levels, to determine necessary measures to achieve predefined targets. Throughout this process, we will consider all relevant aspects related to dynamic behavior and optimization, including emerging technologies and various forms of energy flow, including heat and power, within the model. We will also contribute to interface the developed model with the toolbox.

In addition to the use of the tool in the context of project planning and in the business environment, the toolbox is implemented in the education and training of specialists. The consortium consists of companies with different competences in the field of hydrogen-based technologies and the integration of electrolysers, three universities with a focus on industrial research and experimental development as well as educational institutions for the training and further education of specialists.

Principal investigator

dr. S. Hajimolana (Yashar)
Assistant Professor

involved in the project A.K. Pozarlik (Artur)
Associate Professor / Programme Director EngD Energy & Process Technology

PostDoc - Vacant