Direct CO2 Capture from Ambient Air

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Direct COCapture from Ambient Air









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Carbon dioxide is by many considered the building block of the (transportation) fuel and (chemical or agricultural) industry of the future. Carbon dioxide can be used to produce liquid fuels and chemicals, that are currently produced from fossil carbon sources. The use of carbon dioxide as a raw material for chemicals and fuels opens the door for truly sustainable products, if sustainable energy sources are used for the conversion.

Two types of carbon dioxide sources can be used as a raw material: carbon dioxide captured for concentrated sources and carbon dioxide captured from air. Of the two, the former is limited in availability and location. The latter can be obtained anywhere in the world where a need is present, while the effort needed for capturing carbon dioxide from air is not much higher than that needed to capture carbon dioxide from a concentrated source.

Previous research at the University of Twente, funded by ANTECY BV, has resulted in the development of a promising process and technology and the filing of multiple patents regarding the capture and release of carbon dioxide from air. The project proposed is aimed at creating more fundamental knowledge on the process of capturing carbon dioxide from air in general as well as specifically with regard to the process developed in the previous process thus aiding the up scaling of the technology in practice.  

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