Research Topics

(Aero) Acoustics

Within the field of acoustics we take into account the following phenomena:

  • Non-uniform background flow
  • Turbulence as a source of sound
  • Multi-phase media
  • Vortex sound

We aim to give answers to the following research questions:

  • What is the local sound field?
  • What are the locations of sound sources?

Our research concentrates on mathematical, physical and numerical modeling. Various levels of approach are currently being employed:

  • Linearized Euler equations (LEE)
  • Analytic solutions
  • Discontinuous Galerkin finite element method on tetrahedra
  • Discontinuous Galerkin finite element method on hexahedra
  • Inverse problems


  • Aero-acoustics
  • Sound transmission through oil-water flows

Group members involved

  • Rob Hagmeijer
  • Kees Venner
  • Leandro Dantas de Santana
  • Ysbrand Wijnant
  • Marijn Sanders

Some of the active Research Projects

  • On the comparison of analog and digital microphones for phased array applications.
  • Digital MEMS microphone based dynamic surface pressure measurements on trailing edge serrations.
  • Aircraft high lift device noise prediction.