Systems Integration for Railways Advancement


SIRA stands for Systems Integration for Railways Advancement which is a widely recognised challenge. Different industries need to upgrade their systems and integrate new technologies. For example, the European rail sector faces a huge challenge to upgrade its fragmented rail network and make it interoperable. The railways in the Netherlands, managed by different stakeholders, have also experienced integration challenges. The Dutch High-Speed Line (HSL), FYRA, ERTMS, and the introduction of new commuter trains are examples of these challenges. The research describes this principal challenge for the rail sector to properly upgrade its interoperable services and smoothly integrate new technologies into currently operating infrastructures by including the technical and non-technical factors. SIRA investigates the problem of integration by focusing on the following research subjects. 


SIRA endorsement by railway professionals

SIRA UT members L.A.M. van Dongen (Leo)
Full Professor
dr. A.J.J. Braaksma (Jan)
Associate professor/ manager Asset Management & Maintenance Engineering
dr. M. Rajabali Nejad (Mohammad)
Assistant Professor
dr. A. Martinetti MSc (Alberto)
Associate Professor in Maintenance Engineering || Humanitarian Engineering
dr. N. Trauernicht (Nina)
Assistant Professor M.M. Ramtahalsing (Merishna)
Researcher (Guest) W. Haanstra (Willem)
Assistant Professor in Sustainable Asset Management

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