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Unveiling of building sign signals start of CUBE construction on Campus New multifunctional workshop for the Engineering Technology faculty expected to be ready in 2nd half of 2024

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 marked the official start of the construction of CUBE, an extension of the Horst complex on the University of Twente campus. Coen Nieuwenhuis (Director Campus & Facility Management) and Bart Koopman (Dean Faculty of Engineering Technology) unveiled the building sign together with the directors of the building parties. This served as the official starting signal for the construction of CUBE: a new multifunctional workplace for the Engineering Technology faculty. The first pile will be driven into the ground on September 11. CUBE consists of over 4,500m2 of space for education and replaces the current workshops in the Hangar and the Westhorst. The work will be carried out by contractors WAM & van Duren and WSI techniek.

Bart Koopman is incredibly proud of the new building, "I can't wait until the work is completed and we can use it. CUBE breathes Engineering Technology." Upon entering, you look out over the 6-metre-high metal and welding workshop. The floor is sunk more than a metre below ground level, giving you a view of the entire space. Downstairs, faculty, students and technicians work on research and projects, outside you see the landscape, and above you are two more floors of laboratories, workshops and teaching spaces. CUBE will be located between the Noordhorst and Kleinhorst. Construction is expected to be completed in the second half of 2024. "The design of CUBE is sustainable and transparent and will be a fantastic study and work environment. It is a tremendous asset to our faculty and to the UT campus. It is an inspiring building where you feel welcome, where ideas become reality and where engineers and scientists of the future are educated! I hope every user will experience the same," Koopman said.

Hustle and bustle on the construction site

Over the past few months the site where CUBE is being realised has been prepared for the start of construction. This week the installation of the foundation piles will start, making the real start of construction a fact. Coen Nieuwenhuis: "The new cooling building will be realised next to CUBE, which will give the construction site another dimension. Cooperation and coordination are important to both projects in order to achieve a successful end result. I am confident that we will achieve that with the chosen contractors."

Future housing ET

Housing is one of the priorities for the Engineering Technology faculty. CUBE is a precursor to what is to become the new identity of the Horst complex, an expo. In addition to the realisation of CUBE and already completed improvements in the Horst building (transformation of study areas and addition of (work) areas), a complete renovation of the Horst complex (Horst Tower and Horstring) is in the works. Currently, bureau Draaier is preparing a programme of requirements. This renovation is part of UT's Long-Term Housing Strategy (LTSH). The intention in the LTSH is to begin renovation in 2028. ET's ambition is to develop a new and distinctive look for the Horst complex.

More information

Want to learn more about CUBE or curious about the design? Then visit www.utwente.nl/ltsh.