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Discover science: UT invites you to open house Are you coming too?

On Saturday 3 June, between 10.00 and 16.00, the University of Twente is opening its doors for anyone who wants to take a look behind the scenes of science and technology. During the Open House, students and researchers at UT will give workshops, demonstrations and guided tours at well-known, as well as some little-known, labs. Be blown away by the wind tunnel, create your own earthquake or view the tiniest particles.

Come along and meet the latest technologies. Besides watching, you will also get to interact with the work we do at UT. In various experiments, you can learn what it is like to be a scientist. At the new Robotics Centre, you will see extraordinary robots in action. Everything from medical robots that easily perform the most complicated operations to battle bots in robot combat.

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Once every five years, the University of Twente opens its doors to show children, young people and adults what goes on at a university. You are invited to see up close the research which normally takes place behind closed doors. The event is suitable for all ages. If you are curious to find out more, watch the aftermovie showing what we did during the Open House in 2018.

Special experiences

Besides being a researcher, you can also feel what it is like to be a doctor at the TechMed Centre. A special guided tour shows you many of the technical aids and smart gadgets that are now commonplace in our hospitals. Try your hand at performing keyhole surgery in the laparoscopy room. Or put on a special virtual reality headset and take the stage as a presenter! There is no need to be nervous: in the VR environment you will practise how to give an engaging presentation that the audience will remember for years to come.