3 june 2023

The Open House of the University of Twente is the most fun event for the young and old curious about science and technology!

On Saturday 3 June, the University of Twente welcomes you to our beautiful campus. Take a look behind the scenes at our technical university. During the Open House, you will experience interactively how UT approaches and deploys science and technology for a range of social purposes. Take part in a wide variety of workshops, guided tours, demonstrations and quizzes. Check de full programme here.

You are welcome on Saturday 3 June, between 10:00 and 16:00. 
Register now and bring family and friends along!

What to expect?
So close, yet so far!

Experiencing Virtual Reality cannot be missing during an Open House. Want to take control of something that is not even there?

Experiments for young and old

Throughout the day, there will be many activities of interest to all ages!

Overall impression 2018

This aftermovie shows what we did during the Open House in 2018.

Take the stage

Presenting your own show isn't that difficult nowadays. We show you which techniques nowadays are used and you can experience it by yourself.

The way things work

Most things we do on a daily base are normal. But how normal? Science tells you that some of these things are quite special!  

Behind the scenes

Take a sneek peak in our labs and meet our scientists! 

Experience robo support

How can robots help revalidate people? 

Blown away

Our wind tunnel is for example used for a research about reducing aircraft noise. How does the tunnel work? Let's find out.