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Electric Superbike Twente reveals two brand new racing motorcycles

The student team Electric Superbike Twente from Enschede revealed their two brand new racemotors on Thursday, the 21th of April. Previous teams started the designing and building of the motorcycles. This year, the motorcyles underwent an optimization process to prepare them for the upcoming racing season, during which the team participates in multiple races.

The motorcycles with which the Electric Superbike Twente (EST) team heads to the racing track are the Apex-RS and the Delta-XE. Two years ago, the third EST-team started the development of the first of the two motorcycles, the Apex-RS. With 120 hp, the Apex reaches a topspeed of 250 km/h. Last year, the fourth EST-team started the development of the Delta-XE. This motorcycle has even better specifications. It reaches the 220 hp en with that has a topspeed of more than 300 km/h.

To be able to reach this speed, both motorcyles underwent an optimization process. In the area of powertrain, the drive part of the motorcycles, there was a lot of work to do. For example, the battery package of the Delta-XE had an upgrade, the team replaced all high voltage cabels and connectors in the motorcycles and additionally they implemented a Vehicle Status Indicator Light (VSIL) in both motorcycles. In the area of chassis, the mechanical part of the motorcycles, the optimization process for instance included upgrading the cooling loops and implementing steering dempers. The appearance of both motorcycles has completely changed because of the brand new livery.

From testing day to racing day

Both motorcycles underwent extensive testing this year. These tests took place at the dynamometer of Ten Kate Racing Products in Nieuwleusen, at the TT Circuit of Assen, the E-circuit of Emmen and even across the boarder, at the Jules Tacheny Circuit in Mettet, Belgium. The final goal for these tests was to fully prepare the motorcycles for the racing season. That is because Electric Superbike Twente participates in four races this year. Two of these races are part of the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) and take place at the Varsselring in Hengelo and the Imatra Circuit in Finland. The other two races are part of the International Dutch Championship and will both be helt at the TT Circuit of Assen. Besides the races, the EST-team is present at Jack's Racing Day. During these races and this event, the team hopes it can show the potential of both motorcycles and therefore put electric racing on the map.

The origin of the team

Electric Superbike Twente is a student team that occupies itself with the development of fully electrically powered motorcycles. The team exists for five years now, with a completely new team of students every year. The previous four teams all developed a brand new motorcycle. This year, the fifth team has shifted its focus. The latest two iterations of EST's motorcycles are optimized in order to get them on the race track. In this way, the team shows that a sustainable way of racing can be just as exciting and fast as the current type of racing with combustion powered vehicles. Also, the team can compare themselves to their competition after not being able for a long time. The optimization process of the motorcycles is done with the help of over fourty partner companies, that contribute parts, services and financial support.

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Photo credit: Jari Schottink en Marel Blumink

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