Room: HR N146
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 8942
Position: PhD

Main Research Interest / Name of Research Project

Finite Element simulation of manufacturing processes, Microforming, Press Hardening, Miniaturisation, and Numerical Modelling.

Research Projects


High-precision manufacturing chain for metal micro-parts

Miniaturization and (near) net-shaping are the global trends in manufacturing high precision steel parts. Miniaturization leads to integration of functionality in parts with stringent geometrical dimensions. At present, the required narrow tolerances can only be met with expensive and time-consuming finishing operations. In this project a numerical tool will be developed which can accurately predict the various microforming stages and subsequent heat treatments of complex high-precision metal parts, within the required accuracy. This will enable manufacturing of metal micro-parts within stricter tolerances with a reduction in cost of finishing operations.