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ing. Hans Mulder (J.)


Room: Tel.: +31 251 49 6303
Position: PhD


  • H. Vegter, J. Mulder, P. van Liempt, J. Heijne - Work hardening descriptions in simulation of sheet metal forming tailored to material type and processing, International Journal of Plasticity (2015, accepted)
  • J. Mulder, H. Vegter, H. Aretz, S. Keller, A.H. van den Boogaard - Accurate determination of flow curves using the bulge test with optical measuring systems, Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2015, published)
  • P. Eyckens, J. Mulder, J. Gawad, H. Vegter, D. Roose, A.H. van den Boogaard, A. van Bael, P. van Houtte - The prediction of differential hardening behaviour of steels by multi-scale crystal plasticity modelling, International Journal of Plasticity (2015, published)

Research Interest / Name of Research Project

Experimentation and simulations for Sheet Metal forming.

Research Projects

Anisotropic hardening in sheet metal forming

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