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Construction Management & Engineering Group

THe CME group develops and teaches new process aPproaches, methods and technologies to improve the integration, innovation and performance of the construction sector. 

Our society faces several grand challenges because of phenomena impacting our built environment. In order to deal with issues like climate change, the energy transition, increasing risks of water scarcity and flooding, continued urbanisation, and the push for circular materialisation , we need to revisit the way we plan, design, construct, use and renew our social and economic infrastructures. In our view, the Civil Engineering discipline has a key role in coping with these societal challenges. It can provide innovative solutions that make our critical infrastructure networks more safe, sustainable, efficient, effective and resilient.

The mission of our Construction Management & Engineering group is to reduce the effects of fragmentation in the infrastructure life-cycle and construction project delivery. We contribute to solving the grand societal challenges by studying, developing, and teaching new process approaches, methods, and technologies to enhance integration and innovation for the complete infrastructure life-cycle from a product, project, organisation and system perspective.