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The research group of Construction Management & Engineering provides a variety of courses in the Bachelor programme Civil Engineering (CE) and in the Master programmes Construction Management & Engineering (CME) and Civil Engineering & Management (CEM). Moreover, we offer PhD and EngD programmes to those keen to further contribute to our research activities.

In the Bachelor programme CE, we teach basic skills and knowledge on construction engineering, project management, sustainability, and new technologies in the construction sector. In the CME and CEM Master programmes, we offer a solid construction management 'foundation' through courses on the following topics:

Our MSc courses build on and deepen this construction management foundation and create the bridge towards thesis projects related to ongoing research projects. To operate at the frontier of knowledge and practice, we go to great lengths to combine our research and education. This is also one of the reasons why we have a long and solid tradition in educational programmes for an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). 

Our staff is involved in both teaching and conducting research. The BSc, MSc, EngD and PhD programmes are all related to ongoing research in the department. We value scientific excellence as well as societal relevance and often follow an engaged scholarship approach. 

Our MSc theses have a dual output [a] a proposed conference paper and [b] a research report for the thesis client. Due to this, our MSc graduates have a close to 100% job placement rate after their graduation. Many of them taking on leadership roles within their firms already after only a few years of employment.

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