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Two projects awarded for research on mobility for a sustainable future

Exciting announcement! We're thrilled to share that a proposal led by our researchers Karst Geurs and Anna Grigolon as well as University of Twente researchers Erwin Hans and Monique Tabak, called "Triple Access Planning for the Healthcare Domain," has been selected by NWO as one of the two pioneering research projects under the KIC call 'Mobility in a Sustainable Future.'

Our focus? Crafting future visions for mobility within a sustainable framework to explore innovative narratives that seamlessly blend digital, spatial, and physical mobility into strategic solutions for the healthcare sector.

The digitalization of healthcare opens doors to enhanced local and digital healthcare delivery, while simultaneously reducing the necessity for travel.

Our project is dedicated to integrating a triple access planning approach into healthcare processes, thereby enhancing healthcare organization, accessibility, and quality.

Together with Vincent Marchau, Sander Lenferink and Carlo Buise from Radboud University, Marjolein den Ouden PhD from Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Christ-Jan Danen and Nele Houtmeyers from TWB Thuiszorg West-Brabant, Jan Gerard Maring from Isala Connected Care Center, Patrick Jeurissen and Marcel Olde Rikkert from Radboudumc, Thijs Muizelaar from Gaiyo - One key for all mobility, Joost de Baaij from Achmea, Menno Jansen from CZ, Luc Wismans from Goudappel, Hugo Smuling and Benjamin Groenewolt from Gemeente Enschede, Mirije Van Dijk van het MST, and Mark Van Houdenhoven from Careyn.