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Bron: Rijkswaterstaat

Secure against Water Extremes

UT is a partner in three Perspective programs, one of them is the study: 'Secure against water extremes'

Future FRM Tech: Future Flood Risk Management Technologies for rivers and coasts
Partner: UT/ET, Prof. Suzanne Hulscher, dr.ir Anouk Bomers and dr. Jord Warmink.
Total budget: 5,8 miljoen euros

Large areas of the Netherlands are at risk of being flooded. It was only last year, 2021, that rivers in the province of Limburg overflowed. A rise in sea levels and weather extremes, caused by climate change, calls for new technical and nature-based solutions for flood risk management and climate adaptation. The Future FRM Tech programme develops flood resilient landscapes for rivers and estuaries as well as technical solutions for water barriers – explicitly addressing any legal, economic and governance aspects that may impede their practical use. Using case studies for the Lek and Geul rivers in the Zeeland province, the programme develops knowledge to ensure successful implementation in practice.