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TUSAIL Doctoral School 3 at UTwente hosted by Soil Micromechanics and Multiscale Mechanics

TUSAIL Doctoral School 3 at UTwente


From 14th to 25th of November the UT groups Soil MicroMechanics (CEM) and MultiScale Mechanics (TFE) hosted the third TUSAIL Doctoral School.

TUSAIL (https://tusail.eu/) is an Innovative Training Network funded by Horizon 2020 which comprises 16 academic and industrial partners. 

TUSAIL stands for “Training in Upscaling particle Systems: Advancing Industry across Length-scales”.

The 15 PhD students in the consortium gathered at UTwente from several countries in Europe to work together, attend scientific and soft skills courses and engage in thematic round tables with intersectoral experts. Focus of the school was on advanced training, such as:

  • DEM Calibration via #GrainLearning;
  • DC2 micro-macro transition;
  • Image analysis;
  • HPC and parallelisation; 
  • Scientific Storytelling.

Moreover, students had the unique opportunity to discuss their work with leading external advisors, experts in the field of particle technology and simulations, and attend their lectures. Finally, in a dedicated workshop in the DesignLab, the PhDs created outreach prototypes and videos to communicate their work beyond the scientific community. 



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