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Job Access and Spatial Equity of a Toll Road

The chapter "Job Access and Spatial Equity of a Toll Road", authored by I Gusti Ayu Andani, Lissy La Paix, Shanty Rachmat, Ibnu Syabri, and Karst Geurs is part of the new open access book "Applications of Access", edited by David Levinson and Alireza Ermagun. The book brings together collected 19 chapters to illustrate the state-of-the-art of access applications along distinct dimensions of transport studies. Our chapter examines the accessibility impact of the Cipularang toll road in the Jakarta – Bandung corridor in Indonesia, using an ArcGIS transport demand model extension obtain travel time and generalised cost estimates. The analysis shows that the construction of the Cipularang toll road has reduced travel time in the whole region by 13% and potential job access increased by 5%. However, the toll road also increases job competition as more workers can access jobs available in the job-poor area in between Jakarta and Bandung, resulting in a small decrease in the number of accessible jobs per worker.

Andani, I.G.A., Paix, L.L., S. Rachmat, Syabri, I., Geurs, K., 2021. Job Access and Spatial Equity of a Toll Road, In: Levinson, D., Ermagun, A. (Eds.), Applications of Access. Faculty of Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney, pp. 239-260.