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ASPARI events november 2021 Miller, Makarov and Shen

Topic 1

CME staff member Seirgei Miller was a mentor for the recent Society for Asphalt Technology’s inaugural SATBinderr Conference hosted online on 9 September. Seirgei, given his African roots, is often involved in these initiatives to stimulate young professionals to develop an interest in research. A short article on the conference can be found by clicking on



Topic 2

Sergei Miller nam deel aan een recent Pioneering Cafe "Digitalisering in de infra", opgenomen in een Enschedese Studio. “De digitale transformatie in de infra is volop in ontwikkeling. Digitalisering gaat ondersteuning bieden bij de dagelijkse activiteiten van zowel opdrachtgevers als opdrachtnemers uit de infrasector en bieden tal van mogelijkheden en uitkomsten in deze sector” aldus Stichting Pioneering.  Een video van het evenement is te vinden door te klikken op https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpzW6JIBguk


Topic 3

As you all know, Denis Makarov has been Mr. PQi in the ASPARi research unit for the past 5 years and has been our contact with all ASPARi contractors, undertaking PQi monitoring exercises all over the Netherlands. Most asphalt paving teams know him and the monitoring equipment he drags along. He has literally been the face of ASPARi on construction sites. At the same time, he combined his ASPARi duties with rigorous research activities while reading for his PhD. With the end of his PhD in site, he started training PDEng candidates Qinshuo Shen, Mohammad Sadeghian and Inga Maria Giorgadze to undertake the PQi’s in the short term.


TWW kindly offered training space for our 3 young researchers on their Oldenzaal to Losser N734 project. The group was able to successfully undertake a 2-day PQi monitoring exercise entirely on their own (Denis was at a conference). Here are some pictures taken on the construction site.