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The Department of Civil Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente (UT) conducts research in the field of civil engineering. The department operates at the interface of Civil Engineering, Social Science (Public Administration and Management Science, urban planning and geography) and Data Science. We are a leading Civil Engineering department in the Netherlands with 50 academic staff, 650 students (bachelor and master), 30 PDEng students and 50 PhD students.

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    Our research is fully in line with the strategy of the University of Twente, which goes under the motto High Tech, Human Touch. Our mission is to develop, apply and disseminate novel solutions for sustainable infrastructures.  We involve and train young engineers and scientists who are capable of taking leadership roles and positions within the broad spectrum of topics of civil engineering. Our multi-disciplinary research addresses the global need for delivering long-term, sustainable performance of existing and new infrastructure systems.  We have balanced strengths in teaching and research, with a particular focus on:

    • sustainable use of freshwater resources, for example research on water scarcity, drought and floods and assessing risk mitigating strategies
    • marine and riverine flood risk management, such as research sediment transport processes under breaking waves and flood forecasting models;
    • smart, green and integrated transport, e.g. in multi-objective optimization of transport systems, impacts of intelligent transport systems such as autonomous vehicles and temporal dynamics in accessibility and travel behaviour
    • construction management, including research on asset management, project control, project supply chain management and building information modelling.
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     The Department consists of