Symbiotic man-machine interactions in wearable exoskeletons to enhance mobility for paraplegics 

People involved in SYMBITRON:


The main goals of the Symbitron project are:

  1. To develop a safe, bio-inspired, personalized wearable exoskeleton that can complement for SCI-related gait impairments and allows SCI patients to walk without additional assistance
  2. To develop training environment and training protocols for SCI patients and their clinicians
  3. To provide clinical proof of concept for safety and functionality of the system

The main contribution of the UT will be the use of human-in-the-loop simulations for optimization and training of symbiotic human-machine interaction and perform feasibility and optimization studies for the different wearable exoskeleton designs and controllers.

Furthermore, the UT is responsible for the coordination of this FP7 EU project.

Project Partners

The following partners are involved in the Symbitron project:


The Symbitron project is funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Program under grant agreement no. 611626