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The Netherlands and the United States strengthen collaborative research into neuro-rehabilitation

Last week, with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima in attendance, a memorandum of understanding between IMDI NeuroControl and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) was signed in the US. This agreement reinforces these two parties' cooperation in the area of research into neuro-rehabilitation. IMDI Neurocontrol is an important Dutch Centre Of Research Excellencethat includes the University of Twente and Roessingh, among others. At the meeting, it was also announced that Northwestern University in Chicago has appointed seven new visiting professors from the Netherlands. A remarkable number of them are from Twente. 

By joining forces, the RIC and the NeuroControl consortium can start an extensive research programme into improving the clinical use of neuro-rehabilitation techniques using Dutch technology. The attendance by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima underscores the particular importance of worldwide research into neuro-rehabilitation. In addition to the royal couple, Chicago is also hosting a Dutch delegation in order to share Dutch expertise in the area of neuro-rehabilitation. This delegation includes Edith Schippers, the Minister of Public Health, Welfare and Sports (Dutch: VWS), representatives of the top sector Life Sciences and Health and representatives from various universities. 

Guest lecturers

With the royal couple in attendance, the announcement was also made that seven new Dutch guest lecturers had been appointed by Northwestern University in Chicago. This included a remarkably large delegation from Twente. The appointees included Jaap Buurke (Roessingh Research and Development), Peter Veltink (University of Twente), Edwin van Asseldonk (University of Twente), Hans Rietman (Roessingh Research and Development and University of Twente ) and Alfred Schouten (TU Delft and University of Twente). 

IMDI NeuroControl

IMDI NeuroControl, a recognised Centre of Research Excellence, is part of the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative NL (IMDI.NL). The initiative was launched by VUMC, LUMC, Erasmus MC, Radboud UMC, the University of Twente and TU Delft. TU Delft is the coordinating party.