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Procedure final project preparation and final project

Procedures to be followed during your master’s thesis project

  1. The student will carry out an embedded systems related thesis project in a research chair of Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, e.g. ICD, SCS, CAES, DACS, PS, RaM, RS, FMT. See
  2. Approximately three months before the start of the graduation project the student should contact a staff member of the ongoing research in which the student is interested for a final thesis (see 1).
    A final project in a company is possible, but it must also be a research oriented assignment. Furthermore you need explicit approval of your UT thesis supervisor (full professor or associate professor) of one the chairs of Embedded Systems before the start of the assignment. Also some other rules are important, e.g. The defense of the thesis is in public, the final report can be confidential only for a limited time, and an accreditation committee of the programme always has access to the final report. This committee has signed a confidentiality agreement. The examination committee also has access to a confidential report.
  3. The graduation project starts with the final project preparation (10 ec; course code 201600017) as preparation for the final project (30 ec; course code 201900200).
  4. You must have no more than 10 ECs still to complete, other than the thesis project. 
  5. The UT thesis supervisor will compose a graduation committee. The graduation committee is formed by a minimum of 3 persons, at least one of whom is a full or associate professor of the chair. The second member of that chair is a full, associate or assistant professor, postdoc or PhD candidate. The third member is a full, associate or assistant professor from another research chair of computer sciense or electrical engineering. This third member may also be from a chair of the TU Delft or TU Eindhoven. Additional members, e.g. from a company or research institute, must have at least a Master’s degree and can only act as an advisory

The master’s thesis project has two parts:

-          Final project preparation (course code 201600017, 10 EC)
-          Final project (course code 201900200, 30 EC)

Final project preparation

You have to register in Osiris for the final project preparation. See the course information in the course catalogue for more information. You can write a separate report or you can integrate the result of the final project preparation in the report of the final project. Discuss the choice with your thesis supervisor.

Final project (steps to be taken before, during and after the final project)

  1. Registration of the final project
    You should register your final project in the Mobility Online system before the start of your master’s thesis project within 6 weeks after the start of the final project. 

    Choose the Standard registration and fill in the open fields.
    Note: in the form you are asked to fill in the "course code" (this is: 201900200). The "second course code", "third course code" and "fourth course code" are only present to cause confusion? Leave these three fields open.
    Note: The extended registration form is required if the project is outside the university,

    After submitting your registration you will receive an email, which may confirm that your registration is complete. Alternatively it may inform you that there are omissions or errors in your registration. In the latter case, please correct these omissions/errors.

  2. Approval of the start of the final project 
    The Educational Office (BOZ) will check if you meet the requirements for starting the final project. If everything is OK, you will receive an email allowing you to start your master’s thesis project. 

  3. Changes 
    Possibly, changes will have to be applied to this registration later, like adapting the assignment description or adding committee members. 

    Please ask the chairman of your graduation committee to inform the Educational Office about these adaptations. They will change your registration accordingly.

  4. Completing your final project and graduation 
    If you have completed all your courses, then the date of your final presentation will also be the date of your graduation. You should start planning your final presentation four weeks before the planned date of it. The final presentation is public and at the university.

    Fill in the form “Form Registration Master Examination”. Based on this form the Examination board will give you a conditional allowance to graduate from you master’s programme after your final presentation. Please submit this form, with the required signatures, to the Educational Office ( at least four weeks before the planned date of the presentation (add your first supervisor in the Cc of this email). If you are too late, your graduation documents may not be ready and this can lead to postponement of the defense data.

    If you don’t want to receive your diploma at the day of your final presentation then write a request to the Examination Board to postpone the examination date. Please inform the Educational Office about this.

  5. Upload thesis report
    Your master thesis report must be uploaded in a central database before the thesis defence. See: