Traineeship EEMCS

Welcome at the Traineeship site of the EEMCS faculty.

Depending on your program, the traineeship is a compulsory or elective part of your study. It will take 14 weeks, corresponding to a 20EC work load.

Many students spend their traineeship in a foreign country. Some will go as far as possible. The record until now is New Zealand. We advise you to use this once in a lifetime opportunity.

You should contact the Traineeship Office for an intake at least one half a year before you plan to start the training. Especially if you want to go abroad, this time is necessary to prepare everything.


Our Canvas site contains a database with companies and institutes which have internships available. Here you can also find a large number of experience reports from students who had their traineeship with one of these companies.

You will be enrolled for the Canvas site after your intake at the office. You will then find the site in your Canvas course list.


Students should register the internship via our new registration system Mobility Online.

Contact information

Traineeship Office EWI/EEMCS Faculty

Zilverling Building 1018

Who we are

W.P.M. Klieverik (Wendie)
Internship Coordinator faculty EEMCS