Information for students

General outlines concerning your internship can be found on this website.
Students are responsible for finding an internship assignment. There is a lot that must be taken into account. 

Only Master students and Bachelor students CREATE are allowed to do an internship within the faculty of EEMCS. 

All documents corresponding with your specific study programme can be found at internship packages.


Several learning goals are addressed during the internship:

  • to get an overview of the professional world of your speciality
  • to get experience in applying for an (intern) position
  • to apply your knowledge and competencies in daily work conditions
  • to get work experience at aspirant engineer level outside the University of Twente, by preference in the industry in a foreign country
  • to gain experience in project implementation and report writing
  • to gain experience in the (international) engineering society


The Canvas website EEMCS Internships contains an excel file with companies and institutes that have internships available. On top of that, you can find a large number of experience reports from students who have already completed their internship with one of these companies, and many more links and documents that could come in handy that cannot be found on this website.

Internship and graduation assignments that are available and sent to the internship coordinator by companies are published on this website as well.

If your internship is compulsory, the internship coordinator will enrol you, otherwise, you should enrol yourself by using this link.

Several systems are used during this whole process. If you have any troubles, look at these manuals for guidance.  


The following timetable is an example of a general overview of the most important milestones within the whole process of an internship. These dates correspond if you were to begin your studies at the start of the academic year, the 1st of September 2020.

Whether you are allowed to start your internship is determined in the TER of your study programme.


Milestone Title

Description or Activity


Start studies



Internship information sessions

You will receive an email, after which all information can be found on Canvas, where you will also receive invites.


Deadline intake internship outside NL (planner tool)

The coordinator will explain the procedure, so you know what to do and where to start. 
Start timely to arrange for assignment, supervisor, visa, housing, flight, scholarship (10 working days before start internship) etc.


Deadline intake internship in NL 
(planner tool)

The coordinator will explain the procedure, so you know what to do and where to start. 
Start timely to arrange for assignment, supervisor, housing, etc.


All compulsory formalities to start your internship have been taken care of

Proposal form signed for, approval by educational affairs (BOZ) to start your internship, internship contract signed for.


Summer Holiday


Start internship

Good luck!


End internship

Finish formalities (supervisor evaluations) and writing (reports) and fill out the student evaluation form


Deadline student deliverables

Deliverables: Internship Report, Experience Report


Since the corona outbreak a lot of students started their internships remotely. According to the EER however an internship needs to be carried out at a company, university or organization on site (outside the University of Twente).
For some programs, this might mean that in addition to the approval by your UT supervisor on the content of the assignment, you need to send a request to the exam board to be allowed to start your EEMCS internships (20 EC) remotely (partial as well as full duration).

Applied Mathematics
If you intent to execute your internship on a remote basis. Besides approval of your supervisor you need to send a request to the examination board with the motivation and add the approval of the supervisor. This applies to both, internships already started and internships which have yet to start.

Computer Science/Internet Science and Technology
If you intent to execute your internship on a remote basis, you need approval from the Examination Board. This only applies to internships which have yet to start.

Electrical Engineering / Embedded Systems / Systems and Control
You can start your internship, even if it is online. Though we expect you to participate as much as possible in company-related activities like meetings, seminars, etc.

Business Information Technology / Interaction Technology
You can start your internship, even if it is online as long as you are actively participating in the company and you are solving a company problem / research question with your assignment.

For corona related information on internships abroad please visit the study abroad website.