The following courses in the Applied Mathematics programme fall under the responsibility of SOR.

Courses in the BSc programme Applied Mathematics

Courses in the MSc programme Applied Mathematics

Courses in the PhD programme of LNMB and Beta

  • MSQN Multi-class Queues and Stochastic Networks (LNMB)
  • AQT Advanced Queueing Theory (LNMB)
  • RPoP Research Perspectives on Operational Processes (Beta)

Our staff members are also responsible for the following courses which are not directly related to our expertise on stochastic processes or to the mathematics programmes:

Professor R.J. Boucherie

  • 201000085 Queues and Logistics for BSc Creative Technology

Dr.N. Litvak

  • 191530281 Statistics I for BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • 201100100 Linear Structures I for BSc Applied Mathematics

Dr.J.C.W. van Ommeren

  • 191512001 Calculus A for the premaster programme
  • 191531830 Stochastic Models in Production and Logistics for MSc Mechanical Engineering and MSc Industrial Engineering and Management
  • 191962160 Statistics I for BSc Psychology, Communication Studies and Educational Sciences

Dr.Ir. W.R.W. Scheinhardt

  • 191530062 Probability Theory for BSc Electrical Engineering

Dr.J.B. Timmer

  • 191512061 Linear Algebra A for the premaster programme
  • 191516200 Quantative Modeling for Operations Management for BSc Business Administration
  • 191530041 Statistics I for BSc Business Administration and BSc Public Administration
  • 191505271 Mathematical Modelling II for BSc Applied Mathematics