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A successful AM Alumni Career Day

During the AM Alumni Career Day on Wednesday 15 May, 16 alumni - Jesper Lansink Rotgerink (AM2013), Ruben Fransen (AM2016), Mariya Karlashchuk (AM2023), Martijn ter Steege (AM2023), Fleur van Alphen (AM2023), Marleen van Brandenburg (AM2002), Ivo Liebregts (AM2001), Yvonne Koldenhof (AM2003), Arjen Koop (AM2003), Tanja Hardt (AM2016), Bernike Rijksen (AM2018), Tineke School (AM2018), Maarten Vinke (AM2012), Joris Voerman (APH2015) and Peter Bosschaart (AM2013) - returned to campus to tell the students about their study time, what choices they made after graduation, and what it is like to work as an Applied Mathematician within their company. 

The Career Day has given me additional perspective on where to go next once you have completed the programme.

Daan, AM-MSc student

On this day, the students met alumni in positions for mathematicians within NLR, TNO, Witteveen+Bos, ASML, MARIN, Goudappel, Volksbank, Pure Energie and KPMG. A nice mix of companies within which to enter with an AM specialisation. 

It was extremely useful. At lunch lectures, you often get a standard sales pitch, whereas now you talk virtually one-on-one with someone who understands your background and can portray the transition phase from uni to work from experience.

Lavinia, AM-MSc student

The day ended with a nice drink where people talked some more, students increased their network, and everyone went home feeling good.

Many thanks to all alumni and students for attending this fabulous AM Alumni Career Day. And, of course, to Erik, Daan and Sem (from MarCo - Master's Committee of the study association Abacus), thanks for the great cooperation. 

Take a look on the Abacus website for the photos to get an impression of the day.