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Technical Computer Science welcomes finalists Beverwedstrijd

On Saturday 18 March, the Technical Computer Science programme organised the national finals of the BeVERWEDSTRIJD.

The Beverwedstrijd is the conclusion of the Beverweek which took place in November 2022, in which students playfully discover whether they have an interest and/or talent for computer science and computational thinking. During the finals, pupils from group 3 of middle school through to the 6th grade of high school are given a set of tasks centred on various topics. Within 45 minutes, they are asked to answer as many questions as possible, they are not expected to answer all of them. To keep it challenging for everyone, there are six different age groups, each with its own set of tasks.

The best pupils from group 7 or above are invited to the national final, which takes place annually at a different university in the Netherlands. This year, it was the University of Twente's turn.

The final consisted of several sessions. Students took their test on a laptop and parents were given more information on the organisation of the competition by Eljakim Schijvers. In addition, Roland van Rijwijk-Deij and Milan Lopuhaa of the EEMCS faculty gave a mini-lecture for parents and students.

The award ceremony was conducted by Jan Schut, from the faculty of EEMCS. All participating students received a certificate and the top 10 per group, were specially highlighted. The top 3 per group also received an extra prize: a calculator.

Both pupils and parents as well as the organisation look back on a successful day!