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Looking back: Digital Safety & Trust Event

On November 7, the Centre for Security and Digitalisation (CVD) organised the Digital Safety & Trust Event at their home base in Apeldoorn. This event brought together representatives from various sectors, including education, public and private.

Collaborative exploration

In the morning, a closed-door roundtable discussion brought together representatives from the knowledge institutions and key figures from public and private organisations. The gathering was filled with excitement as they enthusiastically examined the possibilities for future collaboration.

Knowledge exchange

In the afternoon, dozens of external guests joined, including researchers from Saxion and The Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR). The program kicked off with a keynote speech by Professor Sandro Etalle from the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e), who shared valuable insights into the successful UT spinoff, SecurityMaters. He emphasised the mutually beneficial relationship between universities and businesses in the data and security sector, with society as the ultimate beneficiary.

Bridging gaps

Following this, a series of dynamic presentation carousels aimed to bridge the gap between demand and supply. Young and ambitious doctoral candidates were challenged to propose solutions that could make a real impact in practice. On the other side, colleagues from institutions like the Kadaster, the Probation Service, NIPV (the overarching research body for Safety Regions), and SAAB Technologies were asked to describe their challenges as precisely as possible without compromising the confidential nature of these issues. This sparked lively discussions and questions.

Networking and Beyond

Following the structured sessions, the breaks and reception proved too brief for many participants. Business cards were exchanged left and right, and numerous follow-up meetings were swiftly arranged. To summarise, the CVD served as a focal point for colleagues from various backgrounds and institutions, all sharing a common focus on digital safety, coming together to meet and collaboratively work towards finding the best solutions.

About the Centre for Security and Digitalisation

The Centre for Security and Digitalisation (CVD) is a collaborative knowledge centre that addresses the challenges posed by the rapid digitization of society. It focuses on professional development in digital safety and security, supported by research programs and educational offerings.

The CVD is a joint initiative between knowledge institutions such as Aventus, Saxion, the Police Academy, and the University of Twente, on one hand, and public organisations like NIPV and the Municipality of Apeldoorn on the other. 

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