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Visit the free lunch lectures on the power of mathematics

Alongside the exhibition Imaginary there is a series of Lunch Lectures on The Power of Mathematics. On different days, you can attend a free lecture in DesignLab's INFORM room from 12.45pm - 1.30pm. 

You don't have to be a maths fanatic to attend these lectures. During the lectures, you will learn more about the different applications of mathematics. From algorithms or healthy care to music and much more.

The next lecture will take place on Friday, 11 November. Here, Prof Dr Jurnan Schilder will tell you more about The Power of Math in (Teaching) Machine Dynamics. Also on the programme are:

  • Monday 14 November | Algorithms | Prof dr Mariëlle Stoelinga
  • Tuesday 15 November | Healthy Care | Prof dr Richard Boucherie
  • Wednesday 16 November | How mathematics can help us understand AI | Prof dr Johannes Schmidt-Hieber
  • Thursday 17 November | Music, Networks & Mathematics | Dr Clara Stegehuis
  • Friday 18 November | Statistics to the stars and back: How we can use mathematics and statistics to unravel the secrets of our Universe | Dr Katharina Proksch

All lectures will be given in English.

Curious about one of the lectures? Take a look at the complete overview on www.utwente.nl/imaginary2022