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Computer Science staff: coming and going

There is a lot happening in the teaching and research staff of the Computer Science programme! In the recent past, we have said partial goodbye to Jaïr Cardoso de Santanna and hello to Shengui Wang. Here are a few words from them:

Goodbye from Jaïr Cardoso de Santanna

"See you later” to all my colleagues and, especially, students of the University of Twente. On the 1st of December last year, I have left the UT to lead Cloud Security at Northwave, an awesome national security company. Here at UT, I was the first researcher on DDoS attacks and now it is great to see that our university is known as the reference in this area. Thanks to your support this research opened many doors to my career! For example, in 2018, I was chosen among the top young researchers in the country (by Het Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs - KIVI); I had the opportunity to give technical advises to the Dutch High-Tech Crime Unit police and some others law enforcement agencies worldwide. Besides my love for researching, everyone knows my passion for teaching. Computer science, business & IT, creative technology students, and all other people that attended my lectures and talks:

thank you very much for feeding my enthusiasm and motivate me to improve my lectures. It is because of you and your feedback that in 2018 I won the title of “best scientific communicator of the Netherlands.” I’m so grateful to have this university as part of my story. Finally, a piece of good news is that this is not a complete goodbye message. Northwave allowed me occasionally to teach and research associated with our university. So, “see you later”!

Hello from Shengui Wang

My name is Shenghui Wang. I recently joined the Human Media Interaction group as an assistant professor. I was born and grew up in China. After I finished my master study at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), I got the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Manchester, UK. After graduation, I moved to the Netherlands, first at VU Amsterdam then at Wageningen University & Research, to continue my academic research. In 2012,  I became and still am a research scientist at OCLC where I apply Data Science technologies to address practical issues in the library and other Cultural Heritage domains. I am interested in a broad range of topics in AI and Data Science, including concept modeling, natural language semantics/processing, knowledge representation and reasoning, text/data mining, and network analysis.

There are multiple reasons that I made a comeback to academia. More freedom in research is an obvious one, while becoming a teacher is another. I am fortunate to have met quite a few inspiring teachers who not only taught me the knowledge that I did not have before, but also helped me to become a more independent and confident person. I would like to become one of such teachers. I also think that the best way to really learn a subject is to teach it to others. I hope through teaching and discussions with students, I will be inspired with new ideas and find new interesting directions to explore.