This page gives a general framework for writing the report. Of course, there can be be specific requirements both from the side of the internship prover and your UT supervisor regarding the report.

Therefore, please consult the external supervisor and your UT supervisor about their expectations of the report. To avoid any misunderstandings between students and supervisors about the content of the report.

Writing a report is an integral part of your internship. The report is the main source of information about your activities for the internship provider and your supervisors. The UT supervisor will use it to base the final assessment on (together with the information from the external supervisor).

Keep a daily logbook. This ensures that you have all the required information available when you are writing the report. Keep in mind, however, that the report is not an extended logbook. The logbook is written in chronological order. In the report, all relevant activities should be described within a logical structure including introductions, explanations, discussions and conclusions.

Report setup

A report may contain the following elements:

  • Title page, with the title of the report, name of the author, UT and external supervisors, date, company, version number, internship period
  • Preface, acknowledgement
  • Summary
  • Table of contents
  • Core of the report

The core may consist of:


Background, objectives, literature, overview of the remaining parts of the report

Problem analysis

Description, structure, theory and analysis

Approach and method

Model, design, measurement setup


Model validation, simulations, measurement results


Comparison with the results derived from relevant literature research. Can the results be trusted? Review of the objectives of the work.

Conclusions and recommendations

Note that no new elements can be introduced here. The reader should be ready for your conclusions from the previous parts of the report.

The report is concluded with:

  • References
  • Keywords
  • Abbreviations and symbols
  • Appendices

Need writing support?
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Experience report

Every student is expected to write an experience report that describes the non-technical aspects of the training period. This report should be uploaded on Canvas.

It may contain the following elements:


  • Where did you find the company / assignment?
  • Paperwork, visa experiences
  • Finding a room
  • Flight information, further transport

Description of the company

  • History
  • How is the company organised. Is it part of a bigger holding, or is it independent? What departments are there? Scheme of the organisation
  • What does the company produce? What are the products used for?
  • Turnover, profit, export
  • Future plans of the company

Your project

Short description of your project for nonprofessionals (don’t violate confidentiality) and the place it has in the company.

Your environment in the company

  • The supervisor, colleagues, other interns
  • Culture and atmosphere, habits (coffee, tea, lunch)
  • Your best and worst experience in the company

Experiences with the city and country

  • Local transport
  • Your best and worst experience in the country
  • Tips and tricks
  • And other information that you would like to share


Feel free to add maps, photographs, drawings and whatever you like.